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Great repairs don’t just happen, they happen because I make them happen

There’s no better time than the present!

Handyman work is exploding during the pandemic.

Don’t be left behind or count on someone else for your job.

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The six things that happen when you hire me

Quality Work

Quality is our mission at Odd Jobs Services.

Finish on Time

If you're under a time restraint, let Odd Jobs Services do it for you.

The Best Materials Used

We only use the best materials for the job at hand.

Cleanup After The Job

You'll never know that we were here because we cleanup so well.

Quote Within 10%

You'll never pay over the 10% we quote you. Never.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy, and leave the worrying to us. You're going to love us.

My clients say

I just love you Kim, you fixed my house, and made me want to come home again. How did you do it?

Dora Handle

I'm someone who struggled with decision making. Kim helped me with different suggestions.

David Shlemer

Now I am able to sit outside again. Thank you for making it perfect. I now have garden parties.

Tara Malnic

I just can't thank you enough. You let me know what was going on through the whole process.

Mika Sumner

Why wait? Isn't it time to fix the house the way you want it?

Let's do this. I'm excited for you.

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